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UEFA New Nations League

Plans for UEFA ‘Nations League’ that will replace international friendlies from 2018 onwards have been approved.


The League is linked to the qualifying rounds of the 2018 world cup, 2020 european championship and the 2022 world cup.


So if teams will have to perform well in the league to get into the qualifying rounds of 2020 European Championship onwards


The 54 countries will be split into four divisions (according to rankings) to Fight for places in the qualifying rounds where they will have to fight again to get into the actual competition



By Christian


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Manchester Derby

Manchester United still struggle to get a win over one of the top teams in the Premier League, after they lost 3-0 at home to Manchester City on Wednesday night. The blues  managed to score a goal by Edin Dzeko inside 43 seconds.  Manuel Pelligrini’s side were the much better organised team and started the game a lot faster than the red devils. Gary Neville told Sky Sports “Man United’s problems can’t be solved by signing new players in the summer,” and Paul Scholes also said “They need to back up David Moyes”

   At half-time Moyes took off Tom Cleverley for Shinji Kagawa but that didn’t change Man United’s side in the game because Edin Dzeko scored from a corner in the 56th minute. The game was heading for a 2-0 victory for city, but Yaya Toure shot from outside the box into the bottom left hand corner of De Gea’s net to make it  3-0 in the 90th minute.

   The game finished 3-0 to City, and Manchester United lost another game at home this season, which makes it 6 home defeats for Moyes’ side this season.

By Matt.



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The Amazing Pen

A pen has been invented to correct mistakes when writing. The pen itself vibrates if you write something wrong. The pen works by a non-optical motion sensor which senses if you spell a word wrong. A pair of german inventors were the creatures at the company called learnlift, a German company. The pen holds one AA battery and a few circuit boards and it costs 1400 pounds. The pen has 2 functions orthography mode. It is used to recognise misspellings and is also calligraphy mode is used to point out flaws in the form of handwriting and eligibility to make it nearer.



By Ethan, Harry and Callum



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Interview with Asmir Begovic

Our BBC School Reporters interview Asmir Begovic, the Stoke and Bosnia-Herzegovina goalkeeper.

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The News – Live from Edenhurst Prep School

Read by Jakob

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Beckham Plans for MLS Team in Miami

David Beckham has been planning for a 25,000 seater stadium which would be perfect for the citys new MLS team, but Beckham’s new stadium is a long time away from being a reality.

David has said that the miami MLS team will be playing in front 25,000 fans in a high-tech stadium located on the city’s exclusive waterfront.

On Monday, the Beckham United group presented its breath-taking vision for an open-air, bowl-like stadium offering fans a stunning view of the downtown Miami skyline, which he hopes to have the stadium completed for the 2018 MLS season.


By Ryan.



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A New Discovery – The Big Bang Theory.

Scientists in America working on a project called BICEP2 have found new evidence to suggest that the big bang theory actually happened.


the big bang theory is a theory that many believe to have begun the universe,when a ball of cosmic matter exploded. The scientists on BICEP2 have been using a telescope in the south pole to monitor a specific patch in the sky. The aim has been to try and see any sign that the cosmos experienced fast moving growth in its first trillionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second.


By Clarissa.


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On Saturday 22nd of March, 2014, a huge landslide shocked the people in a small, rural area of Washington. This landslide destroyed many houses and completely covered a road just north of Oso, a town near Seattle. Also, about fourteen people were killed, many more were injured, and there are about 90 people unaccounted for. Many people were killed immediately, and one died in hospital.

  The mudslide was at least 41m wide and 54m deep, and happened in only a few seconds. Authorities think it caused by the heavy rain they have been receiving recently. Unfortunately, more heavy rain has been predicted, and many people have been advised to move to higher ground.


By Alice.


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Who wants to be Spider Man?

A man created a house that was flat on the floor and had a mirror facing at it at a 45 degree angle, and when you walk on the house on the floor and you look at the mirror it looks like you are walking on the wall.  The man who invented it likes being called spiderman he is an Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich The project, called Dalston House will be open to the public until the first of August.

By Oliver.




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Sports Relief Update

A whopping 53,370,743 pounds is raised at sports relief. There was a variety of different sports to raise money like the swimathon and the mile and also the cycle which they all raised a lot of money. At sport relief there were all sorts of stars like David Beckham, Kylie Minogue,

Sebastian Coe and also John Bishop and there were a lot more too.

               The mile run was 46,686 miles long in total.

               Then came up the clash of the titans Bishop vs Coe which was enjoyable.

Also Alex Jones achieved a great achievement by climbing  a mountain 1200ft high which raised a great 1,231,476 pounds.

          Davina competed in a long triathlon and raised a fantastic 2,239,931.

All this money raised will save and change peoples lives for ever.

Jo Robertson, assistant headteacher at The Deepings School, reflects on their involvement: “For me, the engagement and enjoyment that Sport Relief brought was some of the greatest I have experienced as a teacher. By getting involved with the campaign, we found that at the same time as raising money for others, we were reaping rich rewards as a school.


Reported by Mark.


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