200  year old copperworks in administration

The ‘Thomas Bolton copperworks has sadly gone into administration, causing risk for 110 jobs. This was said to be the last copperworks in Britain.

This factory in Froghall was suffering ‘short-term cash-flow difficulties’ and is still working while looking for a buyer.  Its major project was making parts for a generator  for the 2008 Beijing olympics.  This copperworks is in administration because it needed to pay a £300,000 fine from a serious accident.

Graham Wild, a partner at Zolfo Cooper, said to the sentinel ‘we believe the company is an attractive proposition to a range of potential buyers.’ An unidentified worker said it came a surprise to all of the employees.

By Alex



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UK Troops pull out of Afghanistan

British troops have finally left Afghanistan with their heads held high.

David Cameron has met his troops at a camp in Helmand .The basic level of security had been accomplished and it finished a year earlier than estimated ! But sadly Labour is still warning that the job was not done. Leaving took action two months after the afghan president said there was partial security there. But not only have the British troops have left Afghanistan but the Canadian troops have as well. The british troops will be leaving before next Christmas but we are not quite sure when.But everyone will be looking forward to them returning after 10 long years.

By Fred

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Edenhurst Prep School Win County Championships!

Edenhurst Prep School sent 9 pupils on the 15th of March to play in the football regional finals at Nottingham university. First of all, to get to the regional finals, they had to win the Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Level 3 school games for small schools(for short County Finals) They were playing game after game until, the final came. It was 0:0 all the way to extra time, in extra time, the team worked together and eventually our captain Mark scored. Our team were then on their way to the regional finals.

          They battled it out against the best clubs, across the region. They also did well in this tournament, getting straight to the semi-final. 0:0 to the penalties this time and they found it hard to save and score the penalties. We scored a shocker by our Right-Mid Matt, but let the next one in, if we missed, we would lose. But unfortunately we missed. The team was devastated but also proud of themselves, getting all the way to the regional final! Even though we didn’t win, we still got a shiny trophies to go on our school shelf!



By Josh


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Malaysian Airlines update

A Malaysian airliner crashed in the Indian Ocean  just off the coast of Australia They have found up to three hundred pieces in the sea in the Indian Ocean near Australia but none of the pieces have been picked out of the sea237 people where involved No one knows what happened to the MH370

An intense search for the airplane MH370  it had 239 people on it the biggest thing on peoples minds how did such a big plane crash..pilot is in the spotlight for this  disappearance This happened in the Indian Ocean near Australia it happened one march 8 the search area is 2,700kmAirplane debris found in the sea


By Oliver, Oliver and Fred

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In the company of friends

As part of the build-up to News Report Day, we were delighted to welcome Asmir Begovic – Stoke City and Bosnia-Herzegovina’s goalkeeper – to be our guest for interview today.  Asmir patiently answered the questions of our panel of interviewers and then went in goal to save their penalties, before kindly signing some autographs for his ‘interrogators’.  We presented Asmir with a ball, signed by the members of our U11 Staffordshire Small Schools Championship winning team – most of whom were part of his interview panel.


Watch out for the video going live on the site in the next few days!

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The countdown begins!

It’s only nine days until School Report Day and as always, there’s lots of work going on here at Edenhurst.  We’re excited about taking part in this for the first time and looking forward to presenting our work on 27th March.

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What’s all this about?

_48471969_logoPerhaps you aren’t already aware, but the BBC has for several years run a scheme called School Report.  This allows children from 11-13 to effectively become young journalists for a period of time and report on events going on around their school and/or community, in order to help them develop and hone journalistic skills

Students from Edenhurst will be making the news for real on 27 March 2014 as they take part in BBC News School Report. We aim to publish the news by 1600 GMT on News Day, so please save this page as a favourite and return to it later”.

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